Twenty Kilograms

I weighed 81.60 kgs and my waist measured to be 108 cmsΒ on 12.02.2013. My doctor said that I am “unwell” because of my weight as my mom is hypertensive and my dad was diabetic. So being heavy weight or you say, Obese

is not at all good forΒ me, or anybody actually. I met physiotherapist and dietician and my physician to know what should I do. Then I just started my journey to ‘lets lose some weight’ as per th

eir instructions (as I had too much of time). It was my final semester at college and I had to visit my department only once in the afternoon. I gave all my time to myself. I worked out for 90 minutes everyday and used to religiously follow the diet chart. In first 15 days, I had lost 2.5 kgs and 5 cms from my waist πŸ˜€ It boosted up my motivation like a hot air balloon. I was able to lose 5.5 kgs of my weight in next 40 days. That made me go crazy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ , and this made me go further. Finally, I was 15 kgs down in 6 months (by mid August). This was one of the toughest period of my life. Apples, Cucumbers, Oats, Papayas… I had started feeling sick of them. I could not eat Mangoes for 2 years in a row 😦 . I ❀ Mangoes 😦 😦 . Sometimes, I simply used to feel down and dipressed. The word “Ice cream” was gone out of my life now. I had forgot the taste of Samosa and Jalebi. My tongue had gone numb I guess πŸ˜›

My picture edited by my friend Arjun. First picture is my 81 kgs, second is me 68 kgs.

My picture edited by my friend Arjun. First picture is me 81 kgs(febrauary,2013), second is me 68 kgs (july,2013).

I had to go to Chennai in the last week of August,2013 for joining Cognizant. Chennai is beautiful. People are so desciplined, but a little orthodox in nature. But their food is something that we people from Northern India do not like at all. After staying in a Paying Guest for 2 months, I left that place and went to another PG that let me cook for myself. And then again started my dieting πŸ˜€ When I stood upon the weighing machine in February 2014, I weighed 60.20 kgs πŸ™‚Β  and my waist was 85 cms now :). I used to wear ‘XXL’ and now I was looking for ‘M’ size attires :).Β I had never thought thatΒ I will look so ever again :). When I met people they were treating me as a celebrity πŸ˜€ B-). I stillΒ  try my best to maintain my weight.

I do not want to lose any more weight (however my doctor has told me that my ideal weight is 55 kgs). I eat hea;thy, follow healthy routines. I just want to stay healthy and I am ready to do anything for it :). Because I have understood that being over weight is no less than a curse!


being the Odd One Out..!

I studied in a Girls’ school. After completing my schooling, I got enrolled in B.Sc course in B.H.U., but in MMV (a girls’ college). At that time, I used to have only one male friend, and that was my brother Anup Kavimandan. I do not remember any other male friend of mine till 2010. Then in the final year, I had to attend my classes with final year boys. There I met a totally spineless creature πŸ˜€ and he was the only one to talk to girls. He actually used to do bitching about each and every guy of the class. …whatever! O yes, I had some female friends.. Pramila πŸ™‚ she was not girlish, and that was the best thing about her πŸ˜€

After completing my Graduation, I got enrolled in M.Sc course int he same university. There were so many boys in our batch. I was more comfortable with the guys when compared to my girl friends.. Madhurima was my friend. I could never understand the mentality of the girls of my batch. They were riddles for me. I found myself different from them. My dad died just after I got admission in B.Sc BHU. But still, my mom never kept me in boundations. She just let me be myself and kept her faith on me πŸ™‚ (love you aai!)

Ankit Singh, Sandip Bagchi, Arjun Pakrashi, Barshan, Manish, Pallab, Subhendu, …and the list goes on.. (Love you all πŸ™‚ ) I could mix well up with these people. We had arguements for sure, but still, I found them less complicated when compared to girls.. and the boys never counted me in the girls of the class.

When the course got over, my life suddenly became a void. I started missing them like anything. Never thought that I will miss those stupid people so much. There were a few seniors who are still good friends of mine. Debapriya di, Ranajoy, Debasish, Bishu, Wreet…. so many ppl.. we are still in touch πŸ™‚

Then I joined Cogni.. and again the same thing happened.. Sarvesh, Sanket, Alpesh, Satyen, Raveen… girls were my friends too. Ami, Moni, … so many people. But best friends were male I guess.. πŸ™‚ (Love you Mystic geekos! πŸ™‚ )

I do not understand why am I still not comfortable with typical girls’ mentality. I somehow find them confusing, wierd, complicated.. I still have some female friends though πŸ˜› but still, I do not get them :-/

my love.. my passion.. my music..

Music is an ocean. The deeper you go, the more you find it deep. If you further try to go deeper, you actually realize it is much more deeper and you have just started at the surface. You may feel like a beginner for the whole lifetime in practicing music and still never get bored of it. I am learning music and I may never get whole of it. Β It is a lovely feeling. In love with music… ❀ πŸ™‚

Being Hated

Hatred.. the word brings a wholesome of negative things in our mind at once. But it does have a positive side; everything has. If it didn’t have, then it had not existed. Hatred can make you do good things. It can inspire you to do something good. Something like writing a blog, something like doing better in your field, something doing much productive. So the point is, IT IS GREAT BEING HATED. As we appear in someone’s hatred list, although it is a bad thing, but it also signifies that there is still some scope of improvement (may be) in ourselves. It gives us one more chance for self assessment which is a good thing indeed. So better respect the person who hates you. Who knows, may be the respect that you pay them will one day change their hate for youΒ  into love. Think Positive. πŸ™‚

what are we teaching our next gen?

I was walking through road this evening. I saw some kids playing on roadside. I always enjoy watching these little kids playing together. They skate, cycle, run, but most of them prefer cricket. Β A couple of children were eating ice creams. They just tore down the wrappers and threw them down on the road. I could not stop myself from talking to them and went over. I just asked them politely why did they do this. Did not they learn at school that throwing waste outside the trash bin is a bad habit? They replied in a very rude manner to me saying that everybody does that. I said, I don’t do! Not only that, they see their parents throwing everyday’s household waste to roadside and they don’t think it is bad. I did not know what to say further to them and felt it better to leave. So, I left, but took the wrapper and threw it at right place. I hope at least that will make them think over what I was trying to tell them.