what are we teaching our next gen?

I was walking through road this evening. I saw some kids playing on roadside. I always enjoy watching these little kids playing together. They skate, cycle, run, but most of them prefer cricket.  A couple of children were eating ice creams. They just tore down the wrappers and threw them down on the road. I could not stop myself from talking to them and went over. I just asked them politely why did they do this. Did not they learn at school that throwing waste outside the trash bin is a bad habit? They replied in a very rude manner to me saying that everybody does that. I said, I don’t do! Not only that, they see their parents throwing everyday’s household waste to roadside and they don’t think it is bad. I did not know what to say further to them and felt it better to leave. So, I left, but took the wrapper and threw it at right place. I hope at least that will make them think over what I was trying to tell them.


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