my love.. my passion.. my music..

Music is an ocean. The deeper you go, the more you find it deep. If you further try to go deeper, you actually realize it is much more deeper and you have just started at the surface. You may feel like a beginner for the whole lifetime in practicing music and still never get bored of it. I am learning music and I may never get whole of it.  It is a lovely feeling. In love with music… ❤ 🙂


Being Hated

Hatred.. the word brings a wholesome of negative things in our mind at once. But it does have a positive side; everything has. If it didn’t have, then it had not existed. Hatred can make you do good things. It can inspire you to do something good. Something like writing a blog, something like doing better in your field, something doing much productive. So the point is, IT IS GREAT BEING HATED. As we appear in someone’s hatred list, although it is a bad thing, but it also signifies that there is still some scope of improvement (may be) in ourselves. It gives us one more chance for self assessment which is a good thing indeed. So better respect the person who hates you. Who knows, may be the respect that you pay them will one day change their hate for you  into love. Think Positive. 🙂

what are we teaching our next gen?

I was walking through road this evening. I saw some kids playing on roadside. I always enjoy watching these little kids playing together. They skate, cycle, run, but most of them prefer cricket.  A couple of children were eating ice creams. They just tore down the wrappers and threw them down on the road. I could not stop myself from talking to them and went over. I just asked them politely why did they do this. Did not they learn at school that throwing waste outside the trash bin is a bad habit? They replied in a very rude manner to me saying that everybody does that. I said, I don’t do! Not only that, they see their parents throwing everyday’s household waste to roadside and they don’t think it is bad. I did not know what to say further to them and felt it better to leave. So, I left, but took the wrapper and threw it at right place. I hope at least that will make them think over what I was trying to tell them.